9 Reasons To Be Happy That You’re Single On Valentines Day

What has society done to us, eh? Despite residing in the 21st Century, the community that we are within still dictates to us that if you’re single on this one day of the year, then intrinsically you are unloved and that there must be something wrong with you. And I won’t lie to you – I am one of those people who allows these feelings of rejection to creep in, just because I didn’t receive a bunch of roses or a box of heart-shaped chocolates on February 14th. Valentines Day. The cruel mistress of a holiday that is dreaded by some and loved by others – and just plain ignored by the rest. Whilst I would love to be a gal that can just let this day slide on by, I must admit that when I was in a happy relationship, I looked forward to this day, and now that I’m single, I hate this day.

But as I delve into my 4th year running of spending Valentines Day as a singleton, I look ahead to this one with slightly more optimism (whilst simultaneously vowing not to open Instagram to avoid all the smooshy posts) than the rest. So, to enable my optimism to reach it’s full potential this V Day, I have come up with 9 Reasons To Be Happy That You’re Single On Valentines Day! Oh yes. So if you’re single and looking for some life day changing nuggets of optimism, I suggest you sit back and read on…

1. Valentines Day Cheap Chocolate Day

You heard me. February 15th is now going to be your new favourite day of the year – it’s Cheap Chocolate Day (seriously why isn’t this already a holiday). All that heart-shaped candy that you didn’t receive yesterday is now going to be practically given away in every supermarket going on Feb 15th. I think we are the real winners here.

2. Pancake Day

Dear Lord, could we be any more blessed?! Pancake Day just happens to fall on February 13th this year. In fact, we should be thankful that Valentines Day is the day after – because that means that we can hit the very empty gyms (everyone is too busy loving each other to workout on Valentines) to work off the pancake stacks, before taking full, GUILT-FREE advantage of Cheap Chocolate Day. Coincidence? Yes, but a very nice one.

Single on Valentines

3. You’re saving money

Valentines Day is just another expense for those who go ahead and celebrate it, with men estimated to spend £75 on Valentines Day, while women part with an average of £35 – a little excessive, huh? Yes, it’s nice to have a cute meal out, but as someone who used to work in hospitality, I know how busy and EXPENSIVE Valentines Day dates are. Prices are sky high for the average meal and waiters are stretched as it is one of the busiest nights of the year for dining out. Similarly, prices also rocket for the average bunch of flowers, as they do with sweet novelty toys and cutesie cards.  Stash that money away that you’re saving simply by being single on Valentines Day and put it towards something worthwhile – or even put it towards a date night with your best friends on a cheaper evening.

4. You’re avoiding the awkward PDA encounters

Is there anything worse? Couples seem to drop all the normal societal conventions for How To Behave in Public With Your Spouse when it comes to Valentines Day. Everywhere you turn, there is excessive smooching and canoodling and worse yet: hand-holders take it upon themselves to lazily stroll along the pavement like the rest of us don’t have places to be. No, it’s a Wednesday and I’m late for a pizza date with my bed – stop hogging the pavement!

5. Appreciate your friends and family

I know that I appreciate these wonderful people most days of the week, but I am guilty when it comes to not voicing this or making those dear to me aware of how special they are. So, as someone who admittedly doesn’t do this nearly as much as she should, I am going to take it upon myself to make sure that everyone close to me feels the love this Valentines Day. Afterall, this day is a celebration of love, so let’s encompass all types of love within that and show appreciation for the friends and family that make our lives great.

Holding hands

6. You can go out with your other single pals and have the best time

Fix up, look sharp and head out on the town for a fun evening with your other single friends. You’ll be feeling great, looking top notch and you’ll also be super appreciative and grateful for the wonderful friends in your life. And better yet, I’d bet my last teabag that every other girl/guy in that bar will be single too, so if some Valentines lovin’ is really what you’re after, you go get it friend.

single on valentines day

7. V-Day Me Day

Everyone else is out spending money on their girlfriends and boyfriends, so why don’t you spend the same amount treating yourself?! You could buy yourself a new item for your wardrobe or get a swish new haircut, or you could get the ingredients for a delicious meal and offer to cook for yourself and a friend. You could even take yourself on a me-date and do something that you’ve never done before. Pottery class, life-drawing, you name it. Whatever you decide, treat yo’self!


8. Being single is better than being in a bad relationship

It’s easy to see why a lot of people would favour being in a bad relationship over the daunting prospect of being single (I’ve been there and got the t-shirt), but once you take the leap forward and end your toxic relationship, you realise that in this case the grass actually is greener on the other side. I am infinitely happier focusing on myself rather than on an individual who never put me first, and now that I cast an eye back, this dilemma truly becomes a no-brainer.

It’s way better to be single and independently loving yourself than to be forced to plaster a smile on your face and celebrate a relationship that you’re not happy in.

9. Valentines Day doesn’t matter

Because at the end of it all, it really is just another day of the year, folks. Celebrate it with your pals or order a pizza in and let the night slide on by, either way you’re fabulous and February 14th doesn’t get to decide your worth.

And most importantly of all, make sure that whatever and however you choose to celebrate this year, you have a cracking good time doing it!

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