I am

listening to – blissful silence, punctuated by sounds of the girls playing.

feeling – content. Content and tired. A few things have been going on within my life and it has made me so grateful for some of the wonderful friends who I hold close.

eating – nothing. But there is birthday cake from a delectable little french patisserie sitting in the fridge, so that status might change soon… if I can’t resist the temptation… (I can’t).

drinking – princess juice. I told the kids that my bright-pink summer fruits squash is princess juice and that I get to drink it because I am a princess. They believe me.

sitting – on the sofa, enveloped in blanket.

enjoying – this incredible weather in London today! It’s rained significantly the past few days, even snowing at the weekend, but today it’s glorious (I can’t think of the word glorious without Macklemore’s song playing in my head -eye roll-)

looking forward to – heading to the theatre tomorrow to see School of Rock! I’ve heard so much hype about this, so I am very excited to see it for myself. I’m a huge fan of the theatre. What’s your favourite show?

reading – nothing! I don’t have any novels on the go at the moment. Let me know any good recommendations.

buying – again, nada. I booked all of my flights for travelling last week, so it’s safe to say that my bank account is feeling as needy as I am when I’m hungover.

planning – a girly weekend away with some pals. I’ve made it my mission this year to get away and see more of England and Europe whenever I am able to. I got stuck in such a rut last year that I’m determined to make up for it and escape from it this year.


What we think, we become.

– Buddha

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